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Published on 15 October 2015


E. I. Vasiliev., I. E. Vasiliev., R. V. Kluyev.



In the mountainous areas conditions of the North Caucasus and the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania in particular, the most important renewable source of the electric power are small hydroelectric power stations (MGES), with the power up to 10 MW, using hydro-electric resources (HER) of the mountain rivers which energy potential in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania is estimated at 2850 million kW·h. During use of MGES, working without permanent operation personnel for ensuring static stability of operation of the synchronous generators (SG), it is necessary to use the simplest system of automatic excitation control (AEC) with the regulator of the proportional action (PA) reacting to a deviation of voltage of the SG stator (AEC PA). The most important parameter of system of AEC PA is the coefficient of intensification of system of AEC on kU voltage. Now for AEC PA kU value is established on the AEC settings on the SG test model with a power from 2000 to 100000 MW: kU =50 – for thyristor system of excitation and kU =15 – for electromachine system of excitation. Methods of calculation of static stability of work of SG with AEC PA for generators of big power are known. In relation to MGES generators of low power with an electric network of small extent approbation of the above techniques and calculation of area of steady values of coefficients of intensification of kU of the AEC PA regulator for voltage deviation on conclusions of SG of MGES weren’t carried out. The method of calculation of area of steady values of coefficient of intensification of k0U on voltage deviation on MGES generator conclusions with AEC PA is developed. It’s offered the quantitative index of stability of system with AEC PA in the form of a calculated value of coefficient of a stock of stability Recommendations about providing the allowing to define the coefficient of intensification of k0U providing stability of work of system at a design stage of MGES demanded k0U are offered. The technique is approved in relation to MGES “Fasnalskaya” and can be used in AEC PA system of similar MGES of mountain territories.

CountryRussian Federation
Issue2015, № 3(25)
Key wordsstability of electrical system, generator, system of excitation, intensification coefficient.
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Categories: Articles, Technical-and-Technological-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: генератор, Устойчивость работы электрической системы, система возбуждения, коэффициент усиления.


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