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Published on 24 May 2016


V. I. Golik

This article is devoted to the search for innovative approaches to solve the economic problems of North Ossetia-Alania region with depressed economy, which in the new economic policies can’t ensure its financial well-being without public participation and investments, despite having significant mineral resources. It is shown that metal mining crisis is a consequence of imperfect technology use of actual mining and lack of completeness of extraction components in enrichment and pyrometallurgical processing. The article discusses the history of metals extraction from ores with non-traditional methods, an assessment of the current situation and the prospects for its radical improvement is given. The essence of the problem is that the alternative technologies expansion should be improved for area of use extension. The article highlights problems of increasing the speed and completeness of metals extraction remaining after the primary processing methods of traditional enrichment and pyrometallurgy, arguments and scientific description of new methods for metal extraction are provided. Particular attention is paid to the effectiveness of multi-way impact on minerals for extraction increase, which will reduce energy and operating costs. The essence of the above is as follows: area of application of non-waste metal technology extraction from tied-up poor raw materials can be improved by new and emerging technologies use. For Sadonsky deposits and their counterparts a combined scheme of development is recommended, which includes technology elements with laying voids hardening mixtures, underground and heap leaching and poor balance ores and tailings leaching with activation in disintegrator. The advantage of the presented article is demonstration of the need for development of new technology to get economic, environmental and strategic advantages. This work considered to be a pioneering work. It opens up a cluster of new problems to complete the stocks of old, but not abandoned mine. It is concluded that the conversion of the mining and processing industries is an instrument for the implementation of economic and social problems of the depressed mining region.

CountryRussian Federation
Issue2016, № 1(Т.8)
Key wordsmining company, mining of metals, technology, ore excavation, extraction, refining, metallurgy, combined scheme, development, voids tab, leaching, activation, disintegrator, conversion, processing, economy, region
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Categories: Articles, Technical-and-Technological-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: технология, регион, экономика, извлечение, выщелачивание, переработка, металлургия, обогащение, дезинтегратор, горное предприятие, добыча металлов, выемка руды, комбинированная схема, разработка, закладка пустот, активация, конверсия


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