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Published on 26 September 2016


Lyashenko V.I., Lukyanov V.G., Golik V.I.

Change of an economic system of management and search of internal reserves for survival of mining companies creates a number of economic and ecological tasks. Reduction of amount of the ores left in a subsoil for ensuring safety of massifs becomes the main direction of optimization of fields development. Artificial ceiling is an option to use the progressive technology with laying of technogenic emptiness with hardening mixes allowing to solve a number of economic and ecological problems. Artificial ceilings are constructed for protection of clearing workings from the negative effects of mining operations and the prevention of adulteration of rocks to ore. For the construction of an artificial ceiling clearing workings are being filled with hardening mixture, which is used as the main constructive element of building. Replacement of ore pillars with artificial ceilings can be demanded at the entities of depressive mining regions, for example, on the North Caucasus, where need of technological diversification of mining on the basis of innovative resourcesaving technologies has ripened. Increase in amount of use of solid mixtures opens prospects for utilization of its stockpiles of tailings of ores, which can be brought into production after the extraction of metals from them using the methods of mechanochemical activation with leaching in disintegrators. Combined artificial roofs promote the increase of quality of extracted mineral raw materials by separating the produced ores and overlying rocks, which raises competitiveness of products of mountain enterprises and in certain conditions provides financial well-being. Improving the stability of mountain mass and the quality of
extracted ores by retrieving earlier lost reserves of valuable ores is an opportunity for improvement of economy of modern mining industry.

CityYellow Waters, Tomsk, Vladikavkaz
CountryUkraine, Russia
Issue2016, № 3(Т.8)
Key wordssubsoil, top part of the block, laying of emptiness, the hardening mix, ore целик, technology, quality of raw materials, inventories of ores, economy.
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Categories: Articles, Technical-and-Technological-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: технология, закладка пустот, недра, потолочина, твердеющая смесь, рудный целик, качество сырья, запасы руд, экономика.


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