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Published on 23 January 2017


Gunya A.N.

This issue is devoted to the analysis of the impact of modernization on nature of mountain systems, its economy and population. First of all, choise of the theme is determinated by the relevance of problems, which are typical for mountains, caused by modernization or processes accompanying it. Secondly, the editorial Board finds it fit to combine efforts on studying modernization, following the logic of the journal “Mountain Research and Development” (MRD) and publishing an analysis of the situation in the mountains of former Soviet Union.

This review shows short characteristics of selected articles from the second issue of MRD scientific journal, which are dedicated to the theme of modernization in mountains. In the introductory part of the journal authors and editors have noted that modernization can bring positive effect to the development of mountains, for example, improve the energy supply, combine use and conservation of nature, rural tourism, effective management etc.

The work on biosphere reserves (Humer-Gruber 2016) states that in Europe they have a variety of functions and, in addition, serve as models of sustainable development. The article on evaluation of the role of migration demonstrates the fact, that the local community of mountainous region of Gilgit in Northern Pakistan (Benz 2016) has successfully “blended” into the surrounding processes and has effectively began to develop its economy. This article aslo discribes a number of signs of modernization. The work, dedicated to the potential assessment and impact of renewable energy sources (RES) in the European Alps (Hastik et al. 2016), raises the issue of production and use of energy from RES. Successes and challenges of rural tourism are consecrated in article of Choenkwan and other authors (Choenkwan et al 2016), it shows that rural tourism is a hybrid type, which links agriculture and tourism to create market products and services that are attractive for tourists. The article of Gentle and Thwaites (2016) describes current problems of transhumant livestock in Nepal. The work of Lu and co-authors analyzes the influence of different forms of land tenure of forests in China on condition and diversity of forests.

 Publications from MRD are the examples of subject specialization, high level of theoretical generalization and synthesis of data on mountain social-ecological systems (systems of nature, population and economy - in terms of Russian-Soviet comprehensive geography). Most of these issues are relevant for Russian mountains, whether it is the organization of biosphere reserves, the development of rural tourism or transhumant livestock.

CountryRussian Federation
Issue2016, № 4(Т.8)
Key wordsmodernization, sustainable development of mountain territories, innovation, adaptation.
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Categories: Geo-ecological,-Recreational-and-Biomedical-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: устойчивое развитие горных территорий, модернизация, инновация, адаптация.

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