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Published on 09 April 2017


S.V. Borshevsky, N.M. Kachurin, O.G. Burdzieva, V.I. Golik

Relevance of the work is determined by the need to improve the completeness of extraction of metallic mineral raw materials from the earth’s depths and complexity of its use through the treatment of industrial wastewater, which contains natural solutions of metals. Aim of the work: substantiation of technological possibilities and economic feasibility of using liquid and metallurgical waste processing as the conditions for preventing the global destruction of the natural environment. Research methods: a synthesis and critical analysis of  the experience according to the literature, laboratory and production experiment, techno-economic modeling and initial engineering studies. Results. The article gives the results of consideration of the problem of industrial wastewater treatment as a condition for obtaining scarce metals and preventing the global destruction of natural environment in the conditions of mountainous location of industrial regions on the example of North Caucasian natural deposits. The full cycle of cleaning works of metal-containing effluents of Sadonsk mines was investigated. This can serve as a basis for the design and construction of treatment facilities for the implementation of  wastewater treatment methods. Electrochemical method is recommended to use as a basic in combination with the processes of electrochemical softening and electrodialysis desalination. The results of extraction of metals from mining effluents by the authors and other researchers are given. It was noted, that the implementation of proposed methods of extraction of metals from products of natural leaching is attractive not only as a tool for reducing the environmental load, but also as a real opportunity for obtaining marketable products for the improvement of economy of enterprises. It also can be combined with the innovative technology of mechanochemical leaching of metals from sub-standard raw materials in disintegrator. Conclusions. Regularities of electrochemical processes of wastewater treatment are adequate and need an adjustment by technological means, which opens opportunities to control the technological process. Intermediate products anolyte and catholyte, obtained in purification process are suitable for use in industrial processes. The proposed technology is recommended to use for real reduction of risk of environmental chemical contamination and for production of commercial product and deserves approbation and practical application.

CityDonetsk, Tula, Vladikavkaz
CountryUkraine, Russia
Issue2017, № 1(Т.9)
Key words Noth-Caucasian region, waste water, electro- chemical sewage treatment.
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Categories: Articles, Technical-and-Technological-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: Северо-Кавказский регион, сточные воды, электрохимическая очистка стоков.

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