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Published on 09 April 2017


S.N. Zharikov, V.G. Shemenev, V.A. Kutuev

Objective. The article provides information about the ways of study strength characteristics of rocks in natural deposits to determine the rational parameters of drilling and blasting operations. Special attention is paid to the determination of properties of rocks on the basis of parameters of production wells drilling. The purpose of research results, which are given in the article is the development of a methodology for specification of properties of rock mass in natural deposits according to the difficulties of drilling and the refinement of parameters of borehole explosive charges. Methods. For this purpose, we used a complex method of research including the synthesis and analysis of scientific literature, methods of mathematical statistics, simulation and experiments. It is shown that the specification of rock properties in the manufacture of blasting has great scientific and practical importance. Results. Research results of relationships between the processes of roller-bit drilling and explosive destruction of rocks are provided. It is demonstrated that the measurement of parameters during the process of boreholes drilling allows to simulate the change of strength characteristics of rocks in the excavation blocks and clarify the parameters of borehole explosive charge. At a certain methodical maintenance, it may allow to reduce the consumption of material resources in the production of blasting and to improve the quality of rock mass crushing. On the basis of obtained results the methodology of determining the value of specific consumption of explosives was developed according to the data of  production wells drilling. That methodology allows to build models of changes in strength characteristics of rocks on the height of a ledge, to determine the proportionality between energy characteristics of processes of roller-bit drilling explosive destruction of rocks, as well as to clarify the mass of explosive charges in each well of an excavation block. Conclusions. The studies in the Mining Institute, Ural branch of RAS have developed a method for rapid investigation of soil, which is to model the fortress of rocks on the basis of data obtained in the process of production wells drilling.The obtained model serves as the basis for specification of parameters of charges in the wells of an excavation block. With the use of modeling of rocks hardness according to their difficulty and intensity of drilling it is possible to clarify a fracture of a massif, which is especially important in the process of choice of a rational scheme of explosive charges initiation.

Issue2017, № 1(Т.9)
Key wordsphysical and mechanical properties of rocks, roller-bit drilling, drilling and blasting operations, blast, parameters of drilling and blasting operations.
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Categories: Technical-and-Technological-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: буровзрывные работы, физико-механические свойства горных пород, шарошечное бурение, взрыв, параметры буровзрывных работ.

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