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Published on 09 April 2017


E. S-Kh. Magomadova, A. G. Guseynov 3Z. R. Haripova

Purpose. The article deals with understanding the ecological component in the system of national security and security of certain regions of the state and, in particular, in the most vulnerable part of the nature - the mountain territories. Methods. The concept of ecological safety includes not only environmental security in a certain area, but also a mentality based on choosing alternative options of using limited resources for the purpose of identification, localization or full neutralization of security threat in a certain region, and in this sense the ecological component covers all forms and types of safety: international, national, regional, etc. Results (Discussions). The multidimensional orientation of negative impact of the motor transport on the environment is revealed. At the same time this influence is increasing on account of the growing number of elements in the motor vehicle fleet. The annual 7% gain of vehicle fleet in the country led to air pollution growth by 65% in 2013 in comparison with 2000. In cities with large population and correspondingly with large vehicle fleet such diseases as hypertension, cardio-and cancerous diseases, respiratory disorders are frequent. In mountain areas motor transport operation leads to mountain relief destruction, violation of the slope mechanical durability, shifting of soil masses in gravitational field, erosion occurrence, landslides and change of climatic conditions, and in comparison with flat lands the concentration of exhausts in mountain regions increases several times with the growth of height above sea level. Financial losses caused by the negative impact on the environment (pollution of the atmosphere, increased noise etc.) while operating various types of vehicles in the Russian Federation are very large and amount to 170 billion rubles per year. Such an environmental degradation is caused, first of all, by the fact that ecological characteristics in the updated segment of the motor vehicle fleet have not been improved recently. The increasing number of motor vehicles corrected the balance of environmental pollution “in favour” of movable sources of pollution in comparison with immovable ones. In terms of environmental impact motor transport and roads form a unified system, all more dangerous for the ecological safety of modern society. Summary (Conclusion). The given circumstances lead to increased necessity of ensuring environmental safety in production, operation and utilization of motor vehicles. Therefore referring to environmental safety, it is necessary to speak about implementation of the principles of ecological approach to safety management in a certain sphere of human activities. 

CityGrozny, Baku
CountryRussia, the Republic of Azerbaijan
UDC5. 504
Issue2017, № 1(Т.9)
Key wordsecology, safety, environment, transport, road, nature, mountain areas.
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Categories: Geo-ecological,-Recreational-and-Biomedical-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: безопасность, экология, среда, транспорт, автомобильная дорога, природа, горные территории.

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