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Published on 03 July 2017


V.I. Golik, Yu.I. Razorenov, K.G. Karginov

Purpose. This article aims to prove that problems of North Caucasian region cannot be solved without sustained economic foundation through the use of mineral resources, as well as traditional technologies for mineral deposits development do not ensure cost-effective production and cannot be the basis for improvement of regional economy.

Methods for proving include the systematization and critical analysis of publications on the subject, the results of technological and economic studies made for mining enterprises of North Ossetia-Alania, a retrospective assessment and scientific prediction.

Results. Information about pace of crisis in mining industry in post-reform period is given. It is shown that exploitation of minerals of the North Caucasus has played an important role in the economy of the USSR. The authors also provide objective assessment of recovery possibility of regional industrial potential by using traditional technologies of extraction and processing of Sadon polymetallic ores. The article describes recovery possibility of mining industry through the extraction of metals from substandard reserves for traditional technologies and practice of pioneer development of leaching technologies in the region from ores of Kakadur-Khanikomsk field. Economic evaluation of a project on conversion technologies has been performed. It is shown that the revival of profitable production of metals is possible on the basis of combining traditional technologies with the filling of cavities with hardening compounds and new technologies underground, heap and mechanochemical leaching. Formulated the development concept of geotechnological methods with leaching of metals in a place of natural occurrence of ore deposits in Sadonsk ore cluster. The article assesses the contribution of scientists of NCIMM(STU) in the theory of the leaching of lead and zinc from sulfide ores. Advisable is a combined production engineering providing the highest profitable production of complex ores.

Summary: a radical turn towards economic recovery can be accomplished through redevelopment of a profitable production of local metals based on a technology combining traditional and new technologies of subterrenian, heap and mechanochemical leaching. The mining economy can be improved by creating related productions of goods made of leaching talings left after the extraction of metals.

Issue2017, №2(Т.9)
Key wordsmining industry, extraction of metals, leaching technology, region, conversion.
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Categories: Articles, Technical-and-Technological-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: регион, горная отрасль, добыча металлов, технология выщелачивания, конверсия.

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