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Published on 05 July 2018


K. K. Mulukhov, Z. N. Beslekoeva, V. V. Sergeev

Cyclical-flow and in-line production are the most progres- sive methods of production. These methods have found application in the development of coal deposits, as well as in the dumping for soft and loose rocks. The purpose of the proposed work is the development of special belt conveyors capable of transporting mountain cargoes prepared by drilling and blasting without expensive secondary grinding in crushing units. This problem is solved with the help of belt-wheel conveyors, proposed by prof. Spivakovsky A.O. The steeply inclined belt-wheel conveyor considered in this work is capable of transporting loads at angles of inclination corresponding to the angles of slope of the sides of the quarry, which significantly reduces the capital costs for the construction of transport trenches and reduces the required length of the conveyor itself. The operability of the structure, as well as the loading device to it, were tested in laboratory experimental installations. Successful operation of the first pilot-industrial sample of a lifting belt-wheel conveyor served as the basis for the development and implementation of a large career conveyor system. However, serious miscalculations made during the design of the complex led to unsatisfactory results of its operation. The proposed steeply inclined belt-wheel conveyor allows to increase the angle of inclination to 40-450, which in most cases corresponds to the angles of slope of the sides of quarries. The drive of a steeply inclined lifting belt-wheel conveyor is advisable to perform as an intermediate rack and pin drive for the experience of using such drives in modern underground escalators. Such a solution allows to reduce radius of curvature of the conveyor line at the inflection sites, which causes a significant reduction in the volumes of mining, capital and construction and installation works. Successful operation of belt-wheel conveyors for coarse-grained mining cargoes is possible with the provision of a shockless load-carrying belt and at a speed close to the speed of the conveyor. The fall of coarse-grained rocks and ores with a size of more than 0.5 m leads to breakdown not only of the working strip of the tape, but also of the frame itself of the tape. The problem of efficient loading of belt-wheel conveyors can be solved with the use of a special blade-type loader, which ensures a shock-free loading of the conveyor.

Issue2018, № 2 (Т.10)
Key wordsbelt-wheel conveyor, deep quarry, steeply inclined conveyor, blade feeder, bulky run-of-mine loads.
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Tags: ленточно-колесный конвейер, глубокий карьер, крутонаклонный конвейер, лопастный питатель, крупнокусковые горные грузы

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