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Published on 05 July 2018


I. M. Vaskov, V. I. Cherkashin, A. R. Yusupov, M. R. Tamaeva

The purpose of this work is to determine the possible impact on the reservoir in the mountain valleys of the Eastern Caucasus landslides−high energy collapses and identify the mechanism and energy component of the process of rapid movement of large masses of rocks on the gentle hillsides over long distances. Research methods: geological and geomorphological, geodynamic, remote sensing, General assessment of the energy component and the calculation of the energy elements of the catastrophic process for a reasonable assumption about its source. The result confirmed nominated in previous studies the position of the pulse energy in the discharge of elastic stresses tensile at break thick layers of strong rocks. The assessment of the revealed energy indicators shows that landslides and landslides are the greatest danger for the anthropogenic infrastructure in the mountain valleys. Even at small angles of inclination of the rock layers of the base in the valley there are long-acting tensile stresses, which are transformed into the energy of seismic (mountain) impact at the rupture of strong layers. The analysis of the examples of catastrophic landslides-landslides, as given in this work, so described in a number of other publications shows that the presence of stratification of a slope or similar to flat cracks is one of the characteristic features of large and catastrophic landslides with a flattened Governor. Also, the result of the development of catastrophic landslides-landslides is the formation of natural dams in the mountain valleys, the stability of which is directly dependent on the strength of rocks and released in the process of formation of kinetic energy. It is concluded that the differentiation of the predicted landslide and rockslide processes on energy classes, high-lighting local potentially dangerous objects will allow to determine rational preventive measures to minimize damage and prevent loss of life from catastrophic manifestations of dangerous geological processes rockslide character. The Eastern segment of the greater Caucasus is characterized with  actively developing modern disharmonic folding, the most intense within the Limestone Dagestan, which leads to a wide development of dangerous and catastrophic gravitational processes that adversely affect the developing human infrastructure, especially in the field of hydropower. Differentiation of the predicted landslide and landslide processes by energy classes with the allocation of local potentially hazardous objects will allow to determine the most rational preventive methods of prevention and protection of the population and territory from natural (geological) emergencies.

CityVladikavkaz, Makhachkala
Issue2018, № 2 (Т.10)
Key wordscollapse, landslide, catastrophic processes, mountain valleys, rock strength, gravitational processes.
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Categories: Articles, Geo-ecological,-Recreational-and-Biomedical-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: оползень, обвал, катастрофические процессы, горные долины, прочность горных пород, гравитационные процессы

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