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Published on 09 November 2018


V.I. Golik, A.A. Sobolev, V.X. Dzaparov, G.Z. Kharebov

The purpose of the article is to substantiate the possibility of the Sadon deposits development modernization to ensure cost-effective production of non-ferrous metals and the restoration of the potential lost as a result of economic reform. The goal is achieved by solving a number of problems through experimental studies and expert opinions. Research methods include conventional methods of substantiation of innovative solutions, including: analysis of the development indicators of Sadon mines in the historical section, experiment on laboratory disintegrator and local metal-containing minerals and forecast of prospects of innovative technologies at the level of engineering solutions. The results of the study include the information necessary to make decisions on the reconstruction of the concept of development of Sadon mines in depression. The resource base of Sadon is time in the bowels of the Republic about 2% of reserves of lead and about 5% of the forecast resources of the P1 category of Russia. In the developed space of the mines there are 1 million tons of ore with a content exceeding the planned content of the present time. At the time, the fields with positive results mastered the technology with leaching of metals. It is established that the cause of the crisis of mines in North Ossetia is the mismatch of technology development principles of resource conservation, accompanied by increased losses and higher prices of products. The revival of the potential of the mines is possible with the conversion of development technologies with leaching, including the activation of metal extraction processes in the disintegrator. It is shown that environmental problems are being solved when mining waste is involved in the processing along with the replenishment of the mineral resource base. Announced the principle of combining the technologies of selective mining of different sorts of ores when rich ore issue to the surface and processed at the plant, and the rest is leached in blocks and stacks. The technology of utilization of primary processing tailings of the extracted raw materials with extraction of metals from them to the level of sanitary requirements by the impact on the mineral raw materials at the same time of mechanical and chemical energy in disintegrators is proposed. Conclusion. The goal of metal production modernization is achieved using technologies with leaching of metals including the impact of both mechanical and chemical energy on the mineral raw materials.

Issue2018, № 3 (Т. 10)
Key wordsfield, development, disintegrator, innovative technologies, unconventional reserves, leaching, metals.
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Tags: инновационные технологии, выщелачивание, месторождение, металлы, дезинтегратор, разработка, некондиционные запасы

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