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Published on 09 November 2018


E.V. Yegorova, R.V. Klyuev, I.I. Bosikov, B.S. Tsidaev

Introduction. The increase in the production of hydrogen sulfide-containing gas in the Astrakhan field is an extremely urgent and promising task. Based on the current reserves of the field, the level of extraction of raw materials can be increased by 3-5 times relative to what has been achieved. One of the promising technologies that allows to significantly increase the extraction of hydrogen sulphide-containing raw materials when solving the problem of overproduction of sulfur and preservation of environmental requirements is the technology of injecting acid gases into underground layers. The aim of the research is to evaluate the efficiency of the use of new technologies at the Astrakhan gas condensate field. Research tasks. The tasks are solved on the basis of a comprehensive study of effective technologies for enhancing the sustainable development of the technical system of the oil and gas complex. Materials and methods of research. One of the main directions of pilot industrial works at the injection site is connected with the operation of injection wells, determination of the main parameters of their operation, design reliability and hydrodynamic characteristics of the reservoir and tubing. When creating a landfill, it is possible, both the construction of a new well, and the use of a well of an existing fund. Considering the fact that drilling a new well is associated with significant time and financial costs, in the context of this work a decision was made to use a well from an existing fund. As the injection well, the well was chosen according to the set of basic geological-technical and technological indicators: the lowest current reservoir pressure; the least working wellhead pressure; The presence of formation water in the production of the well; average values of productivity; good values of reservoir properties; good technical condition; proximity to the existing capacities of the Astrakhan gas processing plant. The formalized model of the injection well operation includes two main interconnected elements - the flow of the injected agent through the well tubing and the bottomhole formation zone. Acid gas, obtained in the desulfurization plants of highpressure gas, is used for pumping into the productive stratum as part of pilot-industrial tests of the new technology. The most preferable scheme is the organization of an experimental test site, in which the preparation of acid gas (its compression, drying and transfer to a single-phase liquid state) is carried out near or directly at the site of the enterprise. Next, a liquid stream of acidic components is transported through a pipeline to the landfill where a pumping station is installed to supply fluid at the mouth of the injection well with the pressure required for injection. The developed technology of preparation of acid gases for injection into the reservoir in the Astrakhan arch includes the following technological operations: compression of acid gas in 4 stages; interstage cooling of the stream, separation and discharge of the discharged liquid; drying of the flow of acid gases with a pressure of 3.5 MPa and a water content of 0.5-0.6% by volume. after the fourth stage of compressioncooling by a solution of triethylene glycol to a residual water content of not more than 0.01% by weight. Results. The project of sour gas injection technology has been implemented, which aims at the use of waste tanks and is characterized by relatively low productivity and low injection pressure at the wellheads. The project is designed for specific conditions, for which a large array of information is created. Before taking a decision on the large-scale introduction of technology at the Astrakhan gas condensate field, an experiment was conducted at the experimental industrial site, reliable baseline data was obtained that could economically and with minimum risk realize the technology of acid gas injection into selected objects on an industrial scale.

CityAstrakhan, Vladikavkaz
Issue2018, № 3 (Т. 10)
Key wordsnatural and technical system, efficiency, functioning, gas condensate field, oil and gas complex, efficient technology
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Tags: эффективность, функционирование, эффективная технология, природно-техническая система, газоконденсатное месторождение, нефтегазовый комплекс

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