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Published on 09 November 2018


E. M. Baichorovа, N. S. Dega, V. V. Onishchenko, S.-B. M. Arikenov

Purpose: to study the influence of technogenic load and anthropogenic impurity in free air on indicators of health of the population with identification of cause and effect dependence, to develop sanitary and hygienic recommendations about improvement of a surrounding medium, strengthening of health of the population in sustainable development of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic. Methods. Methodological approach of air quality research is based on the detailed analysis of structure and seasonal dynamics of pollution on route posts of observation and on padding points of selection of single tests. During the researches sample were drawn in reference points on territories of the republic and the analysis of emissions of pollutants from stationary sources was carried out. On reference points according to state standard specification samples of air for definition of dioxide of nitrogen, white damp, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, phenol, formaldehyde and suspended matters were selected. Results (discussion): It is established that the tendency of air impurity concentration accumulation is observed for the free air in KChR expired, more than 15-year period, bulk emission of pollutants in the atmosphere of KChR in an annual cycle increased more than three times (from 19,2 to 58,1 thousand tons/year), at the same time by 2,4 times the common incidence among the population of the republic increased. Indexes of incidence of the period of 1994-1999 significantly differ from that, received by us from 2012 for 2016. The incidence of respiratory organs increased by 1,4 times, nervous system – by 1,8 times. Significantly indicators of diseases and other classes of incidence, narrowness of correlative communications with environmental factors at the same time very high raised. Conclusions. Depending on the prevailing kind of activity in areas of the republic increase in level of the corresponding classes of diseases is noted. At the developed sanitary and epidemiologic and ecological situation in territories of municipal units of Karachay-Cherkessia as shows the geoecological analysis it is possible to expect body height of incidence and abundance of diseases, the bound to increase in anthropogenic impurity in the air environment in the nearest future. At the same time indexes of health will allow to improve evidence-based ecologo-economic, technological and sanitary and hygienic actions for quality management of the air environment due to decrease in intensity of influence of risk factors. This task as it is represented by the authors can be solved by creation of a regional geographic information system.

CityCherkessk, Karachaevsk
UDC504.3.054 (504.75.05)
Issue2018, № 3 (Т. 10)
Key wordsgeo-ecological situation, free air, emissions, complex index of air pollution, climate, dynamics of incidence, sustainable development.
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Tags: устойчивое развитие, климат, выбросы, атмосферный воздух, геоэкологическая ситуация, КИЗА, динамика заболеваемости

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