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Published on 09 November 2018


S.V. Galachieva, A. A. Sokolov, O.A. Sokolova, S.A. Makhosheva

The purpose of the work is the development of information support and the structure of an information system in which based on the optimal filling of control data and their further processing, the effectiveness of assessing the sustainable development of regional economic complexes in mountain areas is enhanced. The creation of a structure for the sustainable development assessment system capable of ranking the causes of radical displacement and shifts of regional economic complexes beyond the "cone of admissibility" under which the irreversible changes occur is an actual national economic task. Methods. In the course of the research methods of mathematical modeling, economic analysis, experimental studies and data from the statistical service were used. To solve this problem based on the analysis of the research results, the structure of the system for assessing the sustainable development of regional economic complexes was scientifically substantiated, developed and tested. The developed information support system was based on the method of optimal filling it with information sufficient for analysis and processing working on the basis of the objective function. For processing control data on sustainable development of the region, the information processing method was adapted based on the introduction of individual parameters of the region under study. Results. Approbation of the work of the system for assessing the sustainable development of the region with the software developed at a number of industrial facilities in the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic (CBD) showed that the progressive development of the region is inextricably linked with the expansion of industrial and economic ties with other regions and countries. Therefore, the CBD is facing a radical industrial restructuring not only in connection with the growing demands of the consumer and manufacturing sectors of the domestic market, but in accordance with the requirements and conditions of sustainable development. Conclusions. The application of the system for assessing the sustainable development of the regional economic complexes coupled with the results of thr research and development activities can contribute to the development of scientific, technical and technological potential. The proposed information support makes it possible to assess the sustainable development of regional economic complexes in any regions of the Russian Federation on the basis of the introduction of specific characteristics for the region under investigation, in databases.

CityVladikavkaz, Nalchik
Issue2018, № 3 (Т. 10)
Key wordsinformation support, optimization model, sustainable development evaluation system, national economic complexes, sustainable development of the region.
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Tags: информационное обеспечение, оптимизационная модель, система оценки устойчивого развития, народнохозяйственные комплексы, устойчивое развитие региона.

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