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Published on 23 February 2019


W. F. Demin, T.In. Demina, A.S. Kaynazarov, A.S. Kaynazarova

The purpose of the work is to assess the mining conditions of application of technological schemes of fastening workings in the preparatory work and the establishment of effective technological schemes of holding and fixing the contours for the preparatory workings in the coal mines to improve the stability of their contours. The idea of the work is to establish technological principles for managing the stability of mine workings contours taking into account the manifestations of the mountain pressure of the adjacent massif and changes in its geo – mechanical state. The widespread introduction of technological schemes for beztselikovuju dredging of reservoirs has led to high cost of borrowing workings, the need for the workings at the worked-out space. The behavior of rocks of the coal seams roof of the Karaganda basin is determined by their composition, physical and chemical properties, stratification and fracturing. The direct roof of coal seams is most often represented by mudstones, less often siltstones and in isolated cases sandstones, the main roof is usually composed of sandstones. The soil of coal seams is dominated by mudstone. The method of solving the tasks on the basis of the analysis of domestic and foreign experience in the development of technological schemes of mining in the conditions of reservoir mineral deposits; technological and technical evaluation of the effectiveness of solutions in industrial conditions. The work was carried out within the framework of research works on the theme "development of effective technology of preparatory workings with anchorage, taking into account the stress-strain state of the rock mass". In carrying out this work, we used a set of methods of experimental and theoretical research and the following conclusions: - the presented methodical approach will allow to make a choice of effective ways and means of fastening of mine workings for coal mines and generalized passports of fastening of workings-to form a database that can be considered as a basis and prerequisite for the creation of progressive standard technological schemes of workings and justification of the parameters of fastening and maintenance of workings; the peculiarity of the presented approach to technology, systems and means of contour fastening is that it allows the most effective use of the bearing capacity of the host rocks, which significantly reduces the material consumption and the cost of the support, increases the stability of the contours and reduces the defect of the cross sections of the supported workings.

CityKaraganda, Ekibastuz
CountryRepublic of Kazakhstan
Issue2018, № 4 (Т. 10)
Key wordsmining and geological conditions of development, influencing factors, technology, holding, fastening, methods and means of fastening, mining, coal mines.
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Tags: бионаноробототехника, когнитивная инфокоммуникационная система, бионаносенсоры, интеллектуальные экспертные системы, базы знаний, мониторинг состояния биосистем, медицинский онлайн-сервис

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