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Published on 23 February 2019


I.V. Sokolov, A.A. Smirnov, I.V. Nikitin

The purpose of this work is the development and evaluation of technological solutions and measures to ensure ecological safety and preservation of the surrounding area, especially the nearby Teberdinsky state biosphere reserve, during the construction and operation of the Aksaut mining and processing plant on the basis of the Kti-Teberda tungsten deposit. Method of research. Analysis of mining and geological conditions and studying the experience of development of deposits of nonferrous metals, evaluation of the ecological situation of the territory of occurrence of the deposit. Results. According to the results of the research it was established: - for ensure ecological safety and preservation of the surrounding area is recommended that the underground method of development of the Kti-Teberda tungsten deposit of systems with the tab of the developed space and the ascending order of excavation of ore bodies. The most rational is the use of a system of horizontal layers with a dry or hydraulic tab and the use of self-propelled machinery. The most rational is the use of mining system of horizontal slicing with a dry or hydraulic backfill and the use of self-propelled machinery. Alternative options are a chamber-and-pillar system with the leaving of non-attracted pillars or a system with a hardening tab to maintain the hanging side. - the scheme of ore processing of the deposit involves deep enrichment with a high yield (up to 99%) of dry tailings and flotation sludge. To eliminate the adverse impact of sludge storage on the environment, sludge should be placed in the developed space, with the appropriate pre-thickening and dehydration of sludge. - the opening of deposit is recommended by adits and transport slope, while refusing the carrying out of vertical shafts. Given the existing transport communications and prospects of their development in the highlands, it is advisable to focus on road transport concentrate to its processing facilities. - for the construction of the underground mine and transportation of products of the mining and processing plant, it is necessary to reconstruct the existing road to the village Zelenchukskaya with a length of about 70 km. Along with servicing the needs of the plant, the road will improve the transport accessibility of the district and expand the development opportunities in the region of other sectors of the economy of the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic. Conclusions. The proposed technical solutions and organizational measures allowing economic efficiency and ecological safety to mining of the Kti-Teberda tungsten deposit.

Issue2018, № 4 (Т. 10)
Key wordstungsten deposit, mountain territories, ecological safety, mining and processing plant, scheme of opening, mining system, enrichment technology.
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Categories: Articles, Technical-and-Technological-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: экологическая безопасность, вольфрамовое месторождение, горная территория, горнообогатительный комбинат, схема вскрытия, система разработки, технология обогащения

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