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Published on 23 February 2019


G. I. Rudko, A. V. Myatchenko, F.M. Isataeva, V. S. Portnov

The thesis is put forward that the progress of Kazakhstan is connected, first of all, with the availability of natural resources; long-term practice, covering the complexity of management; development of protective mechanisms to defend national interests. Kazakhstan's experience in industrial and innovative development can be useful for developing countries, as it clearly shows how the transformation processes take into account the specifics of the country, its geopolitical position, traditions and mentality. Further development of the geological industry of Kazakhstan, the key criterion for the efficiency of which is the increase in proven mineral reserves, due to the intensification of production and increasing the depth of processing. Along with the improvement of geological and geophysical research, the economic side of geological exploration plays an important role. In light of the above, the article aims to substantiate the directions of improving the geological and economic assessment of the pyrite-copper-lead-zinc Deposit of Kusmuryn. Objectives: to show the effective steps of state regulation of the geological industry of Kazakhstan; to summarize the results of geological and economic assessment of the copperlead-zinc Deposit Kusmuryn; to justify the need to improve the geological and economic assessment of deposits in accordance with international standards and taking into account socio-economic, geological and geographical factors. Information and factual base of research-materials of the legislative and regulatory framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the results of scientific research of the field Kusmuryn, own calculations of the authors. The validity and reliability of the results are determined by comparative analysis, the use of reliable economic and geological information about the raw material base of Kazakhstan, the Kusmuryn Deposit, the use of a set of modern methods of scientific research, taking into account regional climatic and geological conditions. The results of geological and economic assessment of the Kusmuryn field can be attributed to the category of promising, in the medium term it is planned to enter the field of underground mining. In order to improve the geological and economic assessment of deposits proposed to deepen the feasibility study of permanent conditions, developed on the basis of materials already completed exploration, financial analysis. For the growth of scientific evidence of geological and economic assessment of mineral deposits and optimization of decisions on their further operation, specific indicators are proposed. In conclusion, the article shows how the planned effective measures of state regulation of the geological industry will affect the quality of exploration, their innovative component, and in general, the sustainability of regional development.

CityKiev, Karaganda
CountryUkraine, Kazakhstan
Issue2018, № 4 (Т. 10)
Key wordsKazakhstan, investments, evaluation, deposit, CRISCO standards, innovations.
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Categories: Articles, Geo-ecological,-Recreational-and-Biomedical-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: месторождение, инновации, инвестиции, оценка, Казахстан, стандарты CRISCO

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