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Published on 21 April 2019



One of the basic industries development aspects is to increase the completeness of minerals extraction from the subsoil in the extraction of coal from thin and ultrathin layers. At the same time, the creation of modern efficient mining equipment for the development of lowpower coal seams is becoming one of the most important problems of coal production. The solution to this problem is possible by combining plow and combine technology with the differentiation of operating parameters of the excavators. In the present work, the idea of improving the efficiency of the dredging machine based on the use of technology of coal extraction in lava by vibration. The stages of the research included the development of a mathematical model of the functioning of the working body of the machine and determine the energy intensity of the destruction of rocks. It was found that the reduction in the specific energy intensity of the process of separation of minerals from the face can be achieved through the use of units that combine the advantages of treatment combines and plow plants. It is determined that the condition for the effective destruction of the coal mass is a mode of operation when the trajectory of the cleaver is not ahead of the path of the cutter. Working and dynamic parameters of the process and measurement of the load on the Executive body were determined at the experimental stand simulating the vibration effect on the array: the total power spent on the rock separation is in parabolic dependence on the feed rate of the excavation machine, and the effect of applying vibration effects on the destroyed face begins to affect significantly at a feed rate of more than 10 m / min; specific energy consumption for the separation of the whole are in quadratic dependence on the value of the ratio of the width of the whole to its height. The parameters of the working body are taken on the basis of the condition of ensuring a given performance at optimal grade and minimum energy consumption of destruction; vibration cutting of the working body of the dredging machine is effective if the oscillation amplitude of the working tool is greater than the maximum chip thickness separated by the cutting tool. The adequacy of the proposed mathematical model of the working body of the excavation machine is confirmed by bench studies of the efficiency of vibration cutting of minerals. Parameters of vibration exciters of radially directed vibrations of the working body are recommended for use in the development of design documentation of the excavation machine for use in the extraction of mineral raw materials and mining in the mining industry and related sectors of the economy.

Issue2019, № 1 (Т. 11)
Key wordsexcavation machine, energy intensity, combined impact, working body, mathematical model, vibration cutting, raw material extraction, excavation.
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Categories: Technical-and-Technological-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: mathematical model, выемочная машина, энергоёмкость, комбинированное воздействие, рабочий орган, вибрационное резание, добыча сырья, проходка выработок.

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