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Published on 30 July 2019


V. I. Komashchenko, V. A. Atrushkevich, N. M. Kachurin, G. V. Stas

The relevance of the work is due to the need to improve the efficiency of well charges in the destruction of rocks by explosion. The widespread method of open-pit mining continues to be the most cost-effective, safe and technically efficient. At the same time, the most important technological process of the open method of field development is the explosive destruction of the mountain massif. In the development of rock massifs an important way of crushing rocks is drilling and blasting which in the foreseeable future hase no alternative. In this regard, the main research on the creation of effective resource-saving methods of blasting continues to be carried out. Purpose of work. Creation of effective resource-saving technological methods of explosive destruction, providing cost reduction by increasing the efficiency of well charges. The work is based on the idea of integrated use of the results of studies of detonation processes in various structures of borehole charges and formulation of explosives which met the technical and economic criteria for open field development. Method of research. To achieve high-quality indicators of blasting, we used a comprehensive method of research, which includes: generalization and determination of ways to improve the explosive destruction of the quarries; theoretical and field studies of detonation processes in borehole charges of various designs of mixed explosives with conversion additives; industrial testing of the developed technological methods of explosive destruction on the basis of new designs in various mining and technological conditions; the use of statistical and economic analysis methods in assessing the quality of crushing rock mass. Results. On the basis of the data obtained in the course of industrial research, a generalized concept of ideas about the detonation processes in wells during rock blasting was made. The expediency of the use of intermediate detonators of different types in the blasting of mountain ranges is established. Technological methods of exploding rock mass in quarries on the basis of a new resource-saving design of well charge are developed. Summary. The scientific novelty of the work lies in the development of scientific ideas about the process of crushing rocks explosion borehole charges of various designs. Practical importance of research consists in development of universal design channel Thriller; technologies of formation charges with the cavities of hollow containers; resource-saving technologies of destruction of rocks, with the use of the initiators of the new design. The proposed methods of blasting have been successfully tested and implemented in the ultra-deep iron ore quarries of KMA-ore and Krivbass.

CityBelgorod, Moscow, Tula
Issue2019, № 2 (Т. 11)
Key wordsWell, drilling machine, drilling and blasting, blasting, destruction, particle size distribution, detonation.
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Categories: Articles, Technical-and-Technological-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: скважина, буровзрывные работы, разрушение, гранулометрический состав, буровой станок, взрывание, детонация.

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