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Published on 01 February 2020


Yu.S. Petrov, A.A. Sokolov, E.V. Raus

The aim of the article is to develop a mathematical model of technological damage to the functioning of mining enterprises to improve the monitoring of technological cycles. The study of technological processes of industrial enterprises is accompanied by the emergence of man-made cycles.
Research мethods. In almost any existing technological system, in particular, a mining enterprise, in addition to the current tech-nogenic influence, the accumulated man-made damage already existing at the given moment can be distinguished. For example, pollution of soil and water bodies with various harmful substances as a result of constantly and periodically (emissions) of existing sources of pollution already takes place at this moment and continues to increase due to the continuous operation of pollution sources. In the work, the function of accumulated damage for the material-mathematical model of the technogenic cycle of a mining and metallurgical enterprise is proposed and investigated. The model developed on the basis of equations of electrohydrodynamic analogy allows us to adequately reflect the sequence of stages of environmental impacts during research, which increases the information content of the information support system for monitoring the technogenic cycle of a mining and metallurgical enterprise. The results of the study. With the development of a mathematical model that allows one to determine the accumulated man-made damage in the system of sustainable development of mountainous areas, new perspectives are opened for the analysis of the man-made impact of mining and metallurgical enterprises on the environment and the possibility of making forecasts of the occurrence of man-made disasters. The proposed software allows one to assess the sustainable development of regional economic complexes in any regions of the Russian Federation based on the introduction of specific characteristics for the studied region in the database. The scientific provisions described in the article can be used to analyze technogenic cycles not only in the mining and metallurgical industry of the Russian Federation, but also in any other economic industry where technogenic manifestations of a different nature take place. The introduction of the developed information systems, methods and models in the mining and metallurgical industry of the Russian Federation will increase management efficiency, significantly reducing the technogenic load in the system “enterprise of the mining and metallurgical complex - environment”. Findings. Development and application of mathematical models of the ecological state of the environment, possible environmental damage, etc. they will help to reliably assess the environmental situation, make correct forecasts, outline and implement ways to reduce the anthropogenic load on the environment.

CityVladikavkaz, Moscow
UDC622.012:622.8/004.75/004. 45/332.1
Issue2019, № 4 (Т. 11)
Key wordsinformation support of the technogenic cycle, mathematical model, sustainable development of the region, sources of technogenic pollution, accumulated damage, exponential function.
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Tags: mathematical model, устойчивое развитие региона, техногенный цикл, информационное обеспечение, источники техногенного загрязнения, накопленный ущерб, экспоненциальная функция.

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