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Published on 01 February 2020


A.Ya. Tretyak, E.A. Nirkov, E.V. Sidorova, K.A. Borisov

Objective. The scholarly paper aims to develop the more effective PDC-bit. The selection of the best drilling bit for the specific drilling conditions is one of troubles that oil-and-gas services companies have to face during well construction. Nowadays many different drilling bits being in use for various application well drilling are produced. Now we don’t have an all-purpose rock destruction tool for efficient drilling of any drill ability grade rocks, many specialists and industrial establishments in all the world work to create such drilling tools. Such tools using would help to reduce round-trip operations and as result to improve the drilling speed. The drilling bits cost is about 5% of the well total cost but they are the main ingredient of the well construction economy. 
Method of researches. The known drilling bits designs observing permitted to develop the stabilizing double deck cutting-shearing PDC-bits design calculate the basic technological parameters and describe their work with account of the geomagnetic field influence over the drilling fluid. Results of researches. Research results permitted to create the best stabilizing double deck cutting-shearing PDC - bits design and calculate the basic technological parameters of drilling bits work. Conclusions: 1. The drilling bits design optimization permits to achieve the optimum axial load value and the rational value of unit contact bottom-hole pressure during well boring. 2. In accordance with research of the mechanics of medium and above-average drill ability rocks destruction the bit basic design driving up the well construction efficiency was developed. Recommendation. Authors think, the drilling bits will be multi function in the very near future, in the first place in terms of cutting point-equipping take into account rocks drill ability grade, and certainly subjected to different physical and other fields influence, to improve its strength. Herewith they will be changed structurally, than means, all cutting parts will be movable, field replaceable, hydraulic system will improve and all the hydraulic nozzles will be movable. In this way the drilling speed will grow, the vibration down the hole will lower, borehole cleaning will improve, pressure on the bit will be smoother and as a result the rocks drilling unit cost will be lower.

Issue2019, № 4 (Т. 11)
Key wordsdrilling instrument, double deck drill bit, planetary gear reduction, deck counter rotation, types of rock sorted by drill ability, cutting beds whole cleaning, drill bit with permanent magnet ring.
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Tags: породоразрушающий инструмент, двухъярусное долото, планетарный редуктор, встречное вращений ярусов, категория горных пород по буримости, очистка забоя от шлама, долото с кольцевым постоянным магнитом.

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