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Published on 25 April 2020


V. I. Golik, B. S. Tsidaev, N. M. Kachurin, V. V. Vernigor

The tailings storage facilities for mining and processing enterprises are an unused mineral base for the production of commercial products for the sectors of the economy in the con-text of the systemic crisis of the 90s. The quantity and quality of tailings in the storages of mining enterprises in the North Caucasus is determined by the application of open-cast mining technologies. To justify the possibility of obtaining marketable products from enrichment tailings on a screw lock, a composite sample of enrichment tailings from Mizur factory was studied using a standard method. During the main separation the tails are differentiated by the weight of the fractions. The tails of both fractions differ in the amount of iron oxides that are introduced by iron-containing minerals. Due to the excess of iron oxides and the lack of aluminum oxides and alkaline oxides, tails cannot find unlimited application in industry, and their use is dangerous and economically unprofitable. Comprehensive studies using the existing arsenal of methods have determined that non-metallic tails, after appropriate training according to standard methods, can be used without restrictions on sanitary conditions in the glass industry, construction, paint and varnish and metallurgical industries. The unlimited use of all tailings is prevented by the presence of metals in metal-containing ore fractions. Extraction of metals to a level acceptable by sanitary requirements is ensured by leaching the tailings in activators of the disintegrator type, where the application of high energy violates the energy balance at the molecular level and activates the leaching process. The efficiency of the extraction of metals from tailings is confirmed by studies in the processing of ferruginous quartzite and coal. 
An important advantage substantiated by the work of SKGMI researchers is the non-waste technology of  mechano-chemical activation of metal leaching from tailings. Utilization of enrichment tailings forms an ecological and economic effect on the cost of the obtained metals, obtaining raw materials for the construction industry and reducing environmental damage. 
The development of enrichment tailings disposal technologies helps to restore the potential of mining enterprises lost in the course of reforms for survival in an emerging market.

CityVladikavkaz, Tula
Issue2020, № 1 (Т. 12)
Key wordsmining enterprise, tailings, complex ores, utilization, metals, leaching, mechano-chemical activation.
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Tags: утилизация, выщелачивание, металлы, хвосты обогащения, горное предприятие, комплексные руды, механохимическая активация.

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