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Published on 16 July 2020


Kh. O. Chotchaev, I. V. Rybin, T. Ya. Mammadli

The research results of quartz – carbonaceous metasomatites of Eastern Donbass, including metal-bearing, with use of the experimental autoclave unit BAR-1 allowing to carry out destruction of solid substance in the conditions of sharp pressure and temperature variations are covered in article. It is established that as a result of autoclave processing of quartz – carbonaceous metasomatites tests in thermobarogradient conditions at the modes «stationary», «return» explosion, «choking» there are changes of structure and technological properties of the rocks which are shown in changes of particle size distribution and transition of ore elements from disseminated state in a firm phase to solution. At these modes there is a refinement of minerals and synthesis of polymineral aggregates and monocrystals. Considerable transformation of substance happens at the «return» explosion and «choking». At the «stationary» mode the autoclave was filled for 90% with rock, fraction −2+1 mm., with the distilled water and was heated for 2 hours at temperatures of 200-400 °C. The mode «return» explosion is almost similar to «stationary», but differs in a rupture of membranes at the subsequent increase of temperatures up to 400–655 °C. At the «choking» mode the tests were heated up to a rupture of membranes at temperatures of 400-600 °C, with the subsequent passing of suspension via the adapter and a perforated membrane. At these modes in all tests of rocks reactionary zones in quartz, a resorption and a dispergation of mineral grains, an upheaving of organic material occurred. «Choking» also differs by synthesis of new minerals. According to results of chemical analysis researches of initial metasomatites and products of their destruction it is established that as a result of autoclave processing of tests at the «stationary» and the «return» explosion modes the decrease in the general content of ore elements in all types of metasomatites is observed relating to initial tests that speaks well for their extraction and transition to solution. By results of chemical-analysis researches of initial metasomatites and products of their destruction it is established that the autoclave study of tests in the «choking» mode is resulted by different behavior of total content of impurity elements in all types of metasomatites as relating to initial tests. At the same time if all rocks are only losing elements, then quartz hydrothermalit obtains. After studying the mineral concentrations on membranes the new growths of native silver, cuprite crystals, globose-skeletal structure of silicon dioxide – organic substrate were established.

CityVladikavkaz, Rostov-on-Don, Baku
CountryRussi, Azerbaijan
Issue2020, № 2 (Т. 12)
Key wordsEast Donbass, quartz-carbon metasomatic, autoclave processing, degradation, thermo-beogradjanke the conditions of practical importance.
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Tags: Восточный Донбасс, кварц-углеродистый метасоматит, автоклавная переработка, деструкция, термо-бароградиентные условия, практическая значимость.

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