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Published on 16 October 2020


I. V. Sokolov, Yu. G. Antipin, A. A. Rozhkov

The purpose work. Substantiation and selection of a safe and effective option of mining technology of the experimental block in the pilot industrial mining of the Skalistoe deposit. Method of research. Analysis and synthesis of project solutions, experience in mining inclined low-thickness ore bodies, economic and mathematical modeling and optimization of the parameters of options mining systems in the conditions of the experimental block. Results of research. As a result of research it was established: - the sublevel caving mining system with the parameters adopted in the project does not guarantee the completeness of the extraction of reserves and the effectiveness of mining operations. Project indicators of extraction by sublevel caving technology with frontal ore drawing are overestimated and difficult to achieve in these geological and technical conditions (combination of low thickness and angle of ore body); project scheme for the delivery and transportation of rock mass seems impractical due to the significant volume of heading workings and increased transportation costs; - eight technically rational options of various mining systems were constructed, most relevant to the geological and technical conditions of the deposit. Five variants of the sublevel chamber system and pillar caving, a project variant of sublevel caving technology with frontal ore drawing and two options flat-back cut-and-fill system were considered; - for mining the Skalistoe deposit, according to the results of economic and mathematical modeling, optimal by the criterion of profit per 1 ton of balance reserves of ore is a option of the technology of chamber extraction with dual chambers, frontal drawing of ore by remote-controlled load-haul-dump machine and subsequent pillars caving, as having the greatest profit; - the calculations justified stable spans of dual chambers (25.3 m) and the width of panel pillars (3 m). With an allowable span of 25.3 m, the roof of the dual chambers will be stable with a safety factor of 1.41, and a panel pillar with a width of 3 m has a sufficient margin of safety (more than 1.6) in the whole range of ore body thickness variation; - the proposed scheme of delivery and transportation of rock mass, which allows to reduce the volume of tunnel works by 26% and the average length of transportation by 10-15% compared with the project. Findings. Developed in the process of modernization the technology sublevel chamber system with double-chamber, compared with the project technology, it is possible to significantly increase the efficiency of mining of the low thickness deposit of rich ores Skalistoe by reducing the specific volume of preparatory-rifled work by 34%, the cost of mined ore by 12%, losses and ore dilution – by 2 and 2.9 times, respectively.

Issue2020, № 3 (Т. 12)
Key wordscopper pyrite deposit, mining system, chamber, panel pillar, self-propelled equipment, losses, dilution.
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Tags: система разработки, потери, медноколчеданное месторождение, камера, панельный целик, самоходное оборудование, разубоживание.

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