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Published on 15 November 2022

Application of drilling machines with impact cam mechanism in various mining and geological conditions

Anna V. Teplyakova, Ivan Al. Zhukov, Nikita Vl. Martyushev

Purpose. The article is devoted to the search and analysis of well-known technical solutions of drilling machines equipped with a cam impact mechanism, according to the results of which fundamentally new scientific tasks are set related to the substantiation of the design parameters of the impact unit of the drilling machine, providing the possibility of automatic adaptation of drilling modes in changing mining and geological conditions. Research methods. To implement the impact of the tool on the rock, a cam mechanism is built into the design of the machine, which provides the generation of a given impact energy. Cam mechanisms are represented by a wide variety, among which the most suitable for equipping impact drilling machines is a cylindrical end cam mechanism in which the leading link – the cam performs a rotational movement, converted into a reciprocating motion of the output link – the pusher-striker. Rational cam profiling makes it possible to implement a certain law of pusher motion with a sufficient degree of accuracy, and, consequently, to solve the problem of choosing the optimal impact energy. Research results. Based on the results of the critical analysis of the structural schemes of the above machines and mechanisms, new research tasks are being set for science and practice, the implementation of which will allow obtaining new scientific knowledge in the field of the use of cam mechanisms in impact drilling machines. Conclusions. The use of impact cam mechanisms of a special structure and geometry makes it possible to realize the idea of creating a drilling machine capable of automatically adapting operating modes to operational mining and geological conditions.

CitySaint-Petersburg, Tomsk
Issue2022, № 3 (Т. 14)
Key wordsdrilling machine, cam mechanism, impact mechanism, cam, impact, pusher
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Tags: бурильная машина, кулачковый механизм, ударный механизм, кулачок, удар, толкатель


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