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Published on 15 November 2022

Assessment of the degree of influence of the solid phase of mine wateron the durability of the hydraulic foot assembly of the sectional pump of the main drainage plant of the Udachny mine

Nickolay P. Ovchinnikov

Introduction. The main factors, which negatively influence on durability of balancing ring of sectional pump, are presented. Object of study. The sectional pumps of the dewatering facilities of the kimberlite mine “Udachny”. The purpose of the research. Assessment of the mine waters solid phase influence degree on balancing ring durability of sectional pump to clarify the expected technical and economic effect of penetration of an additional clarifying tank in the conditions of the main drainage of the kimberlite mine “Udachny”. Research methodology.The results of inspections of the failed balancing rings allowed to establish the main types of their damage. Next, according to the results of analytical researches main factors were determined, which are accompanied with loss of operability of balancing ring. Then, with the help of correlation and regression analysis degree of influence of each of the factors on the durability of balancing ring was estimated. Research results. According to the visual inspection, the hydroabrasive wear is most strongly manifested in places of contact friction of parts of the balancing ring unit.It has been found that the life of the balancing ring unit of the sectional pump with the smooth start of a separately taken water drainage plant can be calculated as a linear function of the conditional intensity of the hydro-abrasive-adhesive wear of its parts, which is the product of the concentration of mechanical impurities in the mine waters and the wear resistance coefficient of the metal, which takes into account the total operating time of the pump in transient modes. In the underground development of kimberlite ores, the service life of the balancing ring unit is primarily determined by the pressure developed by the sectional pump. At the kimberlite mine “Udachny” of PJSC ALROSA, where there is a maximum concentration of mechanical impurities in the mine waters under the conditions of the main water drainage, the additional clarifying reservoir is driven by a useful volume, which significantly exceeds the operating water-collecting mining workings.The inclusion of this clarifying tank in the current process chain for clarifying mine waters will significantly reduce the content of solid phase in them, which in theory should positively affect the durability of the components of the flow part of the pumping equipment, including the balancing ring unit.

Issue2022, № 3 (Т. 14)
Key words kimberlitemine, sectionalpump, hydraulic balancing device, failure, wear complex researches
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Tags: кимберлитовый рудник, секционный насос, гидравлическая пята, отказ, износ, комплексные исследования.


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