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Published on 12 January 2018


A.B. Lolaev, B.P. Badtiev, V.V. Butyugin, A.S. Badoev

Purpose. Determination of the total alluviation time of tailing dumps in days, defined from the climatic conditions of the region is the target function of the optimization process using the mathematical model based on the logistics description of the technological process of construction of the alluvial technogenic deposits. Accordingly, this article aims to develop a calculation method of tailings consolidation time, which is a major optimization factor of process-dependent parameters of dump tailings alluviation.
Methods. Considering the nature of the processes that cause compaction of saturated soils at different periods of time, the process of consolidation is conventionally distinguished between two phases: primary (or filtration) and secondary due to creep of the soil skeleton. Consolidation characteristics of tailings were established in accordance with the results of compression tests. The authors have used the tailings of of “Lebyazhye” and “Nornickel” tailing dumps in their experiments. The tests were conducted on “ASIS” automated test complex. To control the testing process the authors have used ASIS software of PC. The software provides automated control of the testing process, its logging and transfer test results to other software packages for further processing. 15 series of samples were formed in the humidity range from 4 to 32 % with the corresponding density. In the determination of the coefficients of filtration and secondary consolidation by the method of Casagrande, the parameters necessary for its calculation were found during the processing of the consolidation curve in the compression test results.
Results. According to the results of moisture determination of tails on the border yield equal 32.4% and on the border of rolling-27.2% (plastic index Ip = 5.2) it was found that the properties they have are closest to the loam. Basing on the compression test results the values of consolidation coefficients and consolidation time were calculated.
Conclusions. The authors have proposed a calculation methodology to determine the time required for consolidation of the alluvial layer, and the obtained results can be successfully used for optimization of technological parameters of the alluvium.

CityVladikavkaz, Norilsk
Issue2017, №4(Т.9)
Key wordsconsolidation, tailing dump, tails, time
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