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Published on 18 April 2022

Development of technology for slags integrated processing at Zlatoust steel mill

Olga P. Shavakyleva, Natalia A. Sedinkina, Natalia V. Gmyzina, Leonid V. Kosarev

Introduction. Currently, many metallurgical companies in Russia are experiencing difficulties with the supply of raw materials. One of the solutions to this problem is the involvement in the reuse of secondary resources that are formed in metallurgical processing. So there are more than 15 million tons of them on the territory of Zlatoust steel Mill. The development of metallurgical slag processing technology will partially solve the problem of the company’s own raw material base. Methodology. To develop an effective technology for complex processing of metallurgical slags of Zlatoust steel Mill four samples were taken from various sections of slag dumps. Research results and discussion. The work studied the chemical and mineralogical composition of samples, conducted studies on the enrichment of slags. To study the enrichment of metallurgical slags by the magnetic enrichment method, studies have been carried out, including separation of material with a size of -100 +40 mm on a drum separator and material with a size of -40+0 mm on a separator in a suspended state. The results show that products made of a material with a size of -100+40 mm meet the requirements for direct use in blast furnace production. and products obtained from a size class of -40+0 mm meet the requirements of agglomeration production. The chemical analysis of the obtained products after magnetic separation in a suspended state indicates significant nickel content in the magnetic separation tails of the sample with a size of -40+0 mm. The study of the microstructure of the sample showed that the size of nickel inclusions is on average 1 mm. In this work studies have been carried out on the grinding of tails to a size of less than 1 mm and enrichment on gravity apparatuses. Studies comparing the results of metallurgical slag enrichment on a concentration table and a centrifugal concentrator have shown significantly higher efficiency of slag separation on a centrifugal concentrator. Conclusions. The obtained results on the enrichment of metallurgical slags ofZlatoust steel Mill allows us to recommend a comprehensive processing technology. As a result of enrichment the following products are obtained: magnetic product 1 with a mass fraction of iron 88.4% when extracting 35.2%. magnetic product 2 with a mass fraction of iron 42.7% when extracting 12.4% and nickel-containing concentrate with a mass fraction of nickel 4.85% when extracting 67.9%.

CityMagnitogorsk, Neryungri
Issue2022, № 1 (Т. 14)
Key wordsmetallurgical slag, ore dressing, nickel, magnetic separation, concentration table, centrifugal concentrator.
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Tags: обогащение, никель, магнитная сепарация, металлургический шлак, концентрационный стол, центробежный концентратор.

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