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Published on 18 April 2022

Electrochemical leaching of polymetallic ore under the action of asymmetric current pulses and the addition of a surfactant

Yuri I. Kondratiev, Oksana A. Sokolova, Dzambolat A. Kambolov, Andrey S. Miroshnikov

The article presents the results of studies on the electrochemical leaching of metals from poly-metallic ores using sulfuric acid-chloride solutions under the action of a reversible infra-low-frequency direct current with varying density and the addition of a surfactant. Mathematical models of leaching indicators have been developed depending on the density, duration of the forward and reverse polarity of the current. It is revealed that the most optimal mode is the ore leaching under the action of a reversible direct current with varying density and duration of the reverse current. It is determined that the reverse current density is 6 times greater than the forward current density, and the duration of the reverse current pulse is 0.2 of the duration of the forward current. At the same time, Kazakhstan, like other countries with the transit economy, will have to overcome the risks and challenges that have emerged as a result of global digitalization. The article shows that to stimulate digitalization of geological exploration, significant investments are needed, which will require, alongside with government regulation, searching for new forms and mechanisms of public-private partnership.

Issue2022, № 1 (Т. 14)
Key wordsore leaching, infra-low frequency direct current, forward and reverse polarity, surfactants, mathematical models.
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Tags: поверхностно-активные вещества, выщелачивание руд, инфранизкочастотный постоянный ток, прямая и обратная полярность, математические модели.


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