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Published on 09 April 2017


E.V. Filippova

For the minimization of mining wastes and for sustainable development of mountain territories, including Zabaykalsky Krai, the following main tasks are being solved: development of effective combined reextraction technology of useful components from the anthropogenic-transformed wastes based on the directed electro- chemical effects; probation of new methods on laboratory experiments and industrial tests; waste minimisation through reextraction of gold, chemically related elements and active leaching solutions. The main purpose of the work is the development effective complex geothechnology waste minimization from mining branch technogenic formations and ecosystem restoration in the zone of valid mining enterprises taking into account the specifics of objects. The work idea consists of the complexity and efficiency of technogenic gold additional recovery, the lixiviated solutions due to the development of new technology. Methods: researches of migration of gold and the accompanying elements, processes of electroactivation of ion-exchange sorption of colloidal gold of the technogenic transformed raw materials in laboratory, trial and industrial conditions are conducted. The complex of methods, including theoretical researches, generalizations, multiple-factor planning of experiments, mathematical processing of experimental data is used. Results (discussion): In the conditions of Transbaykalia on one of tailings dams it was succeeded to carry out landing of seedling of corn which showed good results and ability to accumulate precious metals in the fabrics. Extraction of gold from tails by means of a fitoremediation at the level of 78,3% is received. Options of sorber with electric activation by means of which it was possible extraction 57,5% of residual colloidal gold are developed. As an ion-exchange sorbent at initial stages it was chosen anionit in a    form-CN ‾, at the subsequent stages – in forme-ON ˉ that allowed to neutralize also cyanides. Conclusions: The described separate blocks are switched on in  geotechnology of minimization of waste of gold mining branch due to additional recovery of gold, the accompanying elements, the lixivating solutions and decrease in anthropogenous load of natural ecosystems. The developed combined technology of additional recovery of useful components from the technogenic transformed waste on the basis of the presented methods showed the efficiency on laboratory experiments and industrial tests. Introduction in production will lead to improvement of an ecological situation and further to sustainable development of mining gold-bearing territories of Transbaykalia. 

UDC622.7-027.32. / .33;622.7
Issue2017, № 1(Т.9)
Key wordsgeotechnology, waste reclamation, gold, electro-sorber.
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Categories: Geo-ecological,-Recreational-and-Biomedical-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: золото, геотехнология, утилизация отходов, электросорбер.

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