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Published on 09 February 2023

Geographic identity of the concept of «Greater Altai» and promising areas of cross-border cooperation in the region

Alexander N. Dunets, Sergey D. Mamenov

Introduction. The Altai Mountains are a mountain system that is part of the sub latitudinal Altai-Sayan mountainous country. The mountains are the watershed between the basins of the Arctic Ocean and the drainleess region of Central Asia. This is the territory where the sources of the Irtysh and the Ob are located. Materials and research мethods. The article uses a regional approach to the study of a mountainous region. From the standpoint of the historical-geographical approach, the historical aspects of the formation of the transboundary essence of the Great Altai concept are revealed. Research results. The analysis of the origin of the understanding of the transboundary essence of Altai as a territory of cooperation is carried out. Expeditionary groups have been identified that have made a significant contribution to the understanding of the Great Altai. This made it possible to present the modern features of the economic, geographical and geopolitical position of the region. Discussion. A concept for the development of the region within the framework of the main areas of cooperation is proposed. The interests of Russia are indicated to promote the uniqueness of the territory and use its opportunities for tourism. Conclusion. The geographical position and natural resources make the Altai Mountains an important object in the development of cross-border cooperation. Since the 18th century scientists are actively exploring the territory for its effective use. The Great Altai has the prospect of becoming a trade and economic corridor between Russia, Mongolia and China. Resume. Since the beginning of the 2000s, forms of cross-border cooperation between the countries of the Greater Altai have appeared. The developed concept of the economic council within the framework of the ISS «Altai» will help to implement cooperation in various areas.

Issue2022, № 4 (Т. 14)
Key wordsGreater Altai, cross-border cooperation, mountainous region, border regions, tourism.
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Tags: горный регион, трансграничное сотрудничество, приграничные регионы, туризм., Большой Алтай


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