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Published on 05 July 2018


I. A. Kerimov, M. V. Debiew

The article analyzes the use of renewable energy resources (RES) of the Chechen Republic. Renewable energy sources – RES) are energy resources of constantly existing natural processes on the planet, as well as energy resources of products of vital activity of biocenters of plant and animal origin. The main advantages of renewable energy sources in comparison with energy sources on organic fuel are the practical inexhaustibility of resources, the widespread distribution of many of them, the absence of fuel costs and emissions of harmful substances into the environment. The use of such renewable energy sources has recently been successfully developing all over the world. Therefore, in this work the analysis of the use of renewable energy resources of the Chechen Republic, where the assessment of wind potential and solar radiation in different periods of the year. The main characteristics of the wind energy cadastre are presented. The questions of biomass and geothermal energy use and application of detander-generator units (DGA) in the gas supply systems of the Chechen Republic are considered. The ways of development and effective use of renewable energy sources are studied. improving the efficiency of energy resources use, introduction of new promising alternative sources is one of the most important tasks of innovative energy development, which give a complete system view of the scale of the problem of transferring the energy system to innovative rails. Moreover, along with energy problems, environmental problems are also being considered, which have begun to grow worldwide. Especially the attention to RES was followed by a number of major political and environmental crises, after which active research began around the world to identify environmentally friendly energy sources and technologies for their transformation. During the study of the development of the modern Russian energy complex, it was noted that the Russian energy sector comprises about 600 power plants with a specific capacity of more than 5 MW. As a result, the total installed capacity of existing power plants in Russia with a certain structure by type of generation is presented. The scientific and technical basis of the use of renewable energy sources and the technologies of their use for electricity production are presented. Based on the results of the issue under consideration, it can be noted that Russia has great opportunities to become a regional leader in ensuring Eurasian energy security.

Issue2018, № 2 (Т.10)
Key wordsrenewable energy sources, wind power, solar energy, bio-energy, expander-generator units, geothermal energy, resources, design capacity
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Categories: Articles, Technical-and-Technological-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: ресурсы, возобновляемые источники энергии, ветроэнергетика, солнечная энергетика, биоэнергетика, детандер-генераторные агрегаты, геотермальная энергия, расчетная мощность

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