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Published on 16 October 2020


V. I. Anischenko, V. A. Atrushkevich

The purpose of research in the extraction of minerals is the development of technologies that will make it possible to drill wells specially designed for the extraction of ores with a length of several kilometers and a diameter of 300 mm to 2 m. The main research method is an experiment, during which drilling of wells by alternative methods under the same conditions is compared according to a single the selected performance criterion. Drilling of wells with an average length of 1500 meters with an end diameter of 295 mm at a depth of 200 to 400 meters was carried out in soft rocky ground in two alternative ways. The productivity of a directional drilling rig is determined by the efficiency of related interconnected processes, the correlation of which is characterized by graphs, for example, the dependence of the load on the bit on the drilling speed. To calculate the load on the drill pipe, Young’s modulus and the moment of inertia of its section were used. The axial force for drilling the well is determined by calculation using experimental data. By modeling in the EXCEL program, the maximum WOB value was determined. To compare the drilling speeds of a traditional rig and a new generation rig, the speed with a 5 ton bit load and a 15 ton bit load is considered, at which, if other things are equal, the ROP increases three times. The drilling speed of wells with an inclined head of the new technology will be 167 m per day versus 105 m with traditional technology, and the operational productivity of drilling with one rig will be 71 m per day versus 51 m. Universal mobile rack rigs with automatic centering of the drill string and mast in vertical and inclined position and gearless hydraulic drive for rotation and movement of the drilling carriage ensure drilling of wells with a horizontal section length of 1500 meters and a diameter of 300 mm.

Issue2020, № 3 (Т. 12)
Key wordsExploration, drilling rigs, horizontal wells, equipment performance, field development.
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Tags: исследование, буровые станки, горизонтальные скважины, производительность оборудования, разработка месторождений.

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