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Published on 07 July 2022

Multi-chamber downhole hydraulic machine of rotary type for wells drilling

Toktamys N. Mendebayev, Nurlan Zh. Smashov

An analytical review of the design features and technological capabilities of the most common serial downhole
hydraulic motors (screw, turbine) designed for drilling wells without rotation of the drill string and in which the pressure flow of the working fluid is used as a source of energy for the rotation of the rock cutting tool is made. A design scheme of a multi-chamber rotary hydraulic machine according to the “rotating stator around a fixed rotor” scheme is proposed, which allows maximum use of the potential energy of the working fluid converted at the moment of stator rotation. Theoretical calculations were performed to determine the functional dependence of the technical and energy characteristics of a multi-chamber downhole hydraulic machine of a rotary type with a stator diameter of 196 mm. A comparative analysis of the technical and energy characteristics of a multi-chamber rotary hydraulic machine with turbodrills of the T195K and TPS-195M types, and a screw downhole motor DRU-1-195S was performed.

CountryRepublic of Kazakhstan
UDC622.24.05 (031)
Issue2022, № 2 (Т. 14)
Key wordswell, drilling, rotary hydraulic machine, hydraulic motor, turbodrills, stator, rotor, fluid head, torque.
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Tags: ротор, скважина, бурение, роторная гидромашина, гидродвигатель, турбобуры, статор, напор жидкости, момент вращения.


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