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Published on 07 July 2022

Physico-chemical analysis of the soil cover of technogenically disturbed territories of Kuzbass

Maria A. Osintseva, Irina S. Milentyeva, Yulia V. Golubtsova

As a result of coal mining, the natural landscapes of the Kemerovo region are involved in the process of global
technogenic transformation. As a result of open-pit coal mining, catastrophic changes occur in ecosystems, which are accompanied by the destruction of the litho logical basis, degradation, transformation and displacement of huge tracts of soil cover. The aim is to study agro physical, agrochemical, sanitary and epidemiological indicators of soil samples of technogenically disturbed territories of Kuzbass. Objects of research. Samples of the surface layer of the external rock dump of LLC "Korchakolsky Section" the dump rock and the surface layer of the nearby territory, of the forest belt of the processing plant of LLC "JV "Barzassky Partnership" and the Taldinsky coal mine. The samples of undisturbed lands selected near the museum-reserve "Tomskaya Pisanitsa" were used as a reference. Methods. Agro physical (hygroscopic humidity, wilting humidity, soil density, soil porosity) and agrochemical (water and salt pH, total alkalinity, hydrolytic acidity, sum of exchange bases, dry residue, content of Cl–, SO₄2–, HCO3–, NO3–, Ca2+,Mg2+, Al) analysis of selected soil samples, including the content of pollutants of anthropogenic origin. The sanitary and epidemiological indicators of the samples were studied. Methods of chemical and instrumental analysis (electrochemical, chromatographic, molecular absorption spectroscopy) were used for research. Results. The analysis of the degree of technogenic disturbance of the studied landscapes is carried out. Samples of LLC JV "Barzassky Partnership" can be attributed to sandy loam soils of a slightly alkaline type. The nickel content exceeded the MPC by 1.26 times; the BGCP index by 25.25 times. Samples of the Korchakolsky section are attributed to sandy soils of a slightly alkaline type. The content of mobile phosphorus exceeded the MPC by 3.40 times, zinc by 1.1 times, nickel by 1.22 times, arsenic by 2.15 times; the BGCP index by 29.41 times. The samples of JSC Taldinsky Coal Mine are classified as sandy loam with a neutral reaction. The content of the mobile form of phosphorus exceeded the MPC by 5.22 times; nickel by 1.5 times; arsenic by 1.67 times. The samples of the reference soil are attributed to clay soils of a slightly alkaline type. The content of the mobile form of phosphorus exceeded the MPC by 2.27 times; nickel by 1.17 times, the BGCP index by 62.62 times. Conclusions. Based on the analysis of the composition of dump and quarry landscapes of technogenically disturbed territories of the Kemerovo region, detoxification of soils with the use of biological reclamation is recommended.

Issue2022, № 2 (Т. 14)
Key wordsKuznetsk coal basin, technogenic landscapes, agro physical, agrochemical and microbiological indicators.
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Tags: Кузнецкий угольный бассейн, техногенные ландшафты, агрофизические, агрохимические и микробиологические показатели.


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