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Published on 18 April 2022

Promising direction of Sadon ‘s potential recovery (RNO-Alania)

Vladimir I. Golik

The restoration of the former potential of the deposits of the Sadonsky ore node depends on the success of extracting metals from poor ores and leaching waste with environmental improvement. The modernization of technology for the development of existing reserves of deposits is carried out on the basis of the results of the performed research. Report. The relevance of the work is explained by the need to restore the industrial potential of a large location lost during the crisis. The purpose of the work. Substantiation of the possibility of resuscitation of the lost potential of mining enterprises based on the use of substandard raw materials for the production of metals and commercial products. Research methods: systematization, generalization and analysis of theoretical and experimental studies performed at the fields under consideration. Results. The concept of environmental protection and resource-saving technology for the development of deposits of the Sadonsky ore belt has been formed. The results of the study of ways to optimize the technology of development of rock ore deposits are given. The fundamentals of a combined technology for the development of substandard reserves with an increase in the completeness of the use of mineral resources on a scientific basis are formulated. Recommendations are given for the design of technologies for underground mining of ore deposits of the type under consideration, optimized according to the criteria determined by modeling. An assessment of the resource potential of mining and metallurgical waste and recommendations for the development of the best available technologies for activating the components of concrete mixtures for the manufacture of goods is given. The results of the study of the processes of extraction of metals from ores and man-made raw materials, including using mechanochemical technology of extraction of metals in a disintegrator and combined technologies of processing of non-conditioned ores and waste of their enrichment are presented.

UDC622.34:622. (502.3/.7)(504.4:622)
Issue2022, № 1 (Т. 14)
Key wordsdeposit, underground mining, technology, resource conservation, development concept, leaching, disintegrator.
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Tags: технология, выщелачивание, месторождение, ресурсосбережение, дезинтегратор., подземная разработка, концепция разработки


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