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Published on 12 January 2018


E.O. Chernova, M.G. Sukhova

Tourism and recreation management and sustainable development of mountain territories are closely interrelated. For that reason the research in this sphere can be of high priority both for these regions and for surrounding areas. Unfortunately, the territorial organization of tourist objects is poorly regulated nowadays. Significant disparities in tourism development are typical for many mountain regions. The situation of its economic and recreational zoning may vary in the context of transformation of socio-economic, political or environmental conditions of territorially-recreational system functioning. Transboundary Altai mountain region includes the neighboring territories of four countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. It is located in the Altai-Sayan mountain country. This area is actively used for recreational purposes due to its aesthetic and scientific attractiveness. The developed situation has led to the emergence of a number of problems in the current status of recreational environmental management of ecological, economic and social nature. This fact has prompted the authors to this study and determined the ways of optimization of the existing regional recreational environmental management system. One of them is economic zoning of the region, which has been implemented out by the authors. Basing on the common principles, the authors have developed a scheme of recreation and business zoning for the studied region of cross-border Altai. Meanwhile, the territory was ranked by its development prospects of various types of recreational activities, economic use and environment-oriented status. The basis for zoning was the assessment of the degree of recreational favorability of natural environmental components (technological, physiological, psycho-emotional), the mapping of environmental constraints with recreational attractiveness of agricultural lands and the definition of recreation specialization in natural recreational areas. According to the recreational zoning, modern natural complexes of transboundary Altai can be integrated into recreational and environment-oriented, commercial-recreational, environment-oriented and recreational, recreationalcommercial, commercial and environment-oriented. Functional zoning and management in compliance with the selected priority zones is a tool for sustainable development of environmental management. The authors have also proposed the ways of recreational environmental management optimization in the functional zones of transboundary Altai mountain region.

CityBarnaul, Gorno-Altaisk
Issue2017, №4(Т.9)
Key wordsrecreation, zoning, environmental management, Altai
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Categories: Geo-ecological,-Recreational-and-Biomedical-Issues-of-SDMT

Tags: рекреация, Алтай, зонирование, природопользование

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