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Published on 07 July 2022

Sensory taste assessment of Gayo Volcano Arabica Coffee of variety using the analytical hierarchy process method

Rahmat Fadhil, S. Safrizal, Anzar Muhir

Volcano arabica coffee is one of the best coffee derived from Gayo Highlands, Aceh Province, Indonesia. That coffee was cultivated in a volcanic region, therefore as known as Gayo volcano arabica coffee. Several varieties from Gayo volcano arabica coffee were included Borbor, Timtim, and P88. Gayo volcano arabica coffee was a low caffeine coffee with a taste exceeding the Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica which was determined using sensory assessment. This study aims to conduct a sensory taste assessment from Gayo volcano arabica coffee variety using the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) method. The AHP method is one of the easiest methods to produce an output calculated based on the input and weight value. Sensory assessment criteria have consisted the flavour, sweetness, aftertaste, body, and acidity. The preference for the best criteria based on the panellists was included taste (0.280), then the sweet criteria (0.253), after tasting (0.212); body (0.140); and acidity (0.115). The estimation was tested with a consistency ratio under 0.1 (10%). The results of the sensory assessment of the acceptance of Gayo volcano arabica coffee products showed that the P-88 variety with full-wash processing (0.206) was the product with the highest approval. Then followed by the Borbor variety with full-wash (0.176) and semi-wash processing (0.166), then the Timtim variety with semi-wash (0.166) and full-wash processing (0.164). The P-88 variety with semi-wash processing (P88) was the product with the lowest level of acceptance by the panellists. This finding was most important for the commercial development of arabica volcano coffee in the future. The varieties associated with the highest acceptable taste became the better necessary varieties to cultivation and developt for farmers and agroindustry.

Issue2022, № 2 (Т. 14)
Key wordsfull-wash, Gayo volcano arabica coffee, product acceptance, semi-wash, sensory taste assessment.
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Tags: полная промывка, кофе Gayo Volcano арабика, приемка продукта, полупромывка, сенсорная оценка вкуса.


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