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Published on 07 July 2022

Simulation modeling of equipment operating modes of complex mechanized coal mine face

Sergey S. Kubrin, Sergey N. Reshetnyak, Iosif M. Zakorshmenny, Sergey M. Karpenko

Introduction. Currently, a large number of scientific, technical, technological and organizational studies are being conducted in order to reduce the cost of underground coal mining. This is due to a certain decrease in the cost of coal, both on the world and on the domestic market. It should be noted that the complex mechanized face of a coal mine is the beginning of the technological chain of underground coal mining, on which the activity of the entire coal mining enterprise depends. In addition, the growth of digitalization in other industries is pushing mining enterprises to implement modern digital solutions in their organizations. Therefore, special attention should be paid to modeling the operating modes of equipment for complex mechanized coal mine face. The purpose of the research is to build simulation models of the main technological equipment of a complex mechanized coal mine face with a sufficient degree of adequacy to real equipment. Research methodology. The article uses simulation modeling of equipment for complex mechanized coal mine face, presented in the Matlab software product (models of a dredging combine, a lava conveyor, a crusher, a loader). The Eickhoff SL-300 (option 4) acts as a prototype of the simulation model of the dredging combine, the prototype of the avalanche conveyor model is the FFC–9 Glinik conveyor, the prototype of the crusher model is the FLB-10G Glinik crusher, the prototype of the loader model is the FSL-9 Glinik loader. It should be noted that this equipment is installed at the excavation site of the Polysaevskaya coal mine of the Komsomolets mine Management of SUEK-Kuzbass JSC. The presented simulation models of the equipment of complex mechanized coal mine face allow you to set different values, both in electrical and technological parameters. Research results. As a result of the conducted research, simulation models of complex mechanized slaughter of highperformance coal with a high degree of adequacy were obtained. Conclusions. The proposed simulation models of the complex mechanized face of a high-performance coal mine will allow us to investigate the operating modes and optimize them according to the criterion of increased energy efficiency, which will affect the reduction of the cost of coal mining by underground method.

Issue2022, № 2 (Т. 14)
Key wordscoal mine, excavation site, complex mechanized face, electromechanical system, power consumption, technological equipment, modes, simulation modeling.
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Tags: угольная шахта, выемочный участок, комплексно-механизированный забой, электромеханическая система, электропотребление, технологическое оборудование, режимы, имитационное моделирование.


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