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Published on 18 April 2022

Structure and properties of mechanoactivated Samarium titanate powder

Gyuzel K. Sharipzyanova, Zhanna V. Eremeeva, Anna A. Sayenko

The relevance of the work is explained by the need to improve the quality of metal raw materials for the production of products with special properties, for example, in mining when leaching metals from ores, allowing to increase the extraction of components with a higher content in concentrates while minimizing the content of impurities. The purpose of the work. Substantiation of the possibility of changing the structure and properties of samarium titanate powder by processing in a spherical planetary mill "Activator 2S" due to the need to increase the purity of powders. Research methods: systematization, generalization and analysis of theoretical and experimental studies. To study the properties of samarium titanate, the following methods were used: scanning electron microscopy, X-ray phase, chemical, low-temperature nitrogen adsorption, X-ray phase analysis, spectral and atomic absorption with the processing of the results by methods of mathematical statistics. Results. The results of the study of the structure and properties of samarium titanate powders obtained by mechanochemical synthesis using a spherical planetary mill are presented. It is shown that the elemental composition of the mechanochemically synthesized charge corresponds to the stoichiometric content of titanium oxide and samarium. Quantitative values of activation parameters are given. The time of transformation of the initial oxides into nanocrystalline samarium titanate has been determined. The phases of the transformation of samarium titanate from an amorphous state to a crystalline state under the influence of temperature are differentiated. The properties of the samarium titanate powder obtained by mechanosynthesis are given. The possibility of obtaining nanoamorphic powder of samarium titanate by mechanochemical treatment of samarium and titanium oxides of the desired condition is proved.

Issue2022, № 1 (Т. 14)
Key wordstitanium dioxide, samarium titanate, powders, mechanochemical synthesis, nanoamorphic samarium titanate.
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Tags: диоксид титана, титанат самария, порошки, механохимический синтез, наноаморфный титанат самария.


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