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Published on 17 February 2022


Vladimir V. Aksenov, Vyacheslav Yu. Beglyakov, Dmitry M. Dubinkin

The article presents the new basic functional systems of underground devices of the “geokhod” class, as well as the problems faced by developers at all stages of the creation of experimental and prototypes of the new class of underground devices “geokhod”. The development of systems of a new class of underwater vehicles is hindered by the lack of special scientific and methodological support. The authors of the article propose the creation of a new scientific specialty “Geodynamics of underground apparatuses”. The article presents the formula of the scientific specialty “Geodynamics of underground apparatuses”; priority tasks of the scientific specialty “ Geodynamics of underground apparatuses “, within which research is carried out and primaryresults are obtained. But so far, the state of scientific and methodological support in this area is a deterrent. The development of a new scientific direction “Geodynamics of underground apparatuses” will make it possible to fill this gap. Similarly, with the Aerodynamics of aircraft, and Geodynamics of underground vehicles as a science should include the basics of two main components: geodynamics and dynamics of movement of underground vehicles. Geodynamics of underground apparatuses should determine the forces and moments acting on underground apparatuses and on the basis of this determine the rational forms of interacting surfaces. It is noted that in all known definitions and problems of geodynamics there is no binding to the definition of the interaction of the machine and the geoenvironment. The concept of “geomedia” is defined by the example of geokhod mining. The geomedia is heterogeneous and anisotropic in its properties. When a solid body interacts with a medium, the formation of an interaction surface is inevitable. For the process of motion of a solid body in a solid medium, there are two real surfaces: the surface of a moving body and the surface of the medium, the shape and dimensions of which may not coincide, perhaps even often cannot coincide. By analogy with the aerodynamic shape, it is proposed to introduce the concept of “geodynamic shape”. To reduce the forces of resistance to the movement of the underground apparatus in the geomedia and to ensure its stability, it is important not only the rational external form of the underground apparatus and its systems, but also the rational form of the surface of the geo-environment – the Geodynamic shape of the surface. In conclusion, the main tasks of Geodynamics of underground apparatuses are formulated.

CityKemerovo, Yurga
Issue2021, № 4 (Т. 13)
Key wordsgeokhod, geodynamics of underground vehicles, aerodynamics, interaction surface, geodynamic shape, geodynamic characteristics.
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Tags: геоход, геодинамика подземных аппаратов, поверхность взаимодействия, геодинамическая форма, геодинамические характеристики.

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