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Published on 15 November 2022

The problem of the lost Sadon ores development (RNO-Alania)

Vladimir I. Golik, Olga G. Burdzieva

The relevance of the work is explained by the need to restore the lost potential of polymetallic extraction from the deposits of the Sadonsky ore node using the existing infrastructure and favorable geographical conditions for yearround operation. The purpose of the work. Theoretical and experimental substantiation of the technological possibility and economic feasibility of converting traditional development technologies to technologies for obtaining metals and other marketable products by leaching substandard metal-containing raw materials. Research methods: generalization, systematization, and analysis of theoretical and experimental studies with the acquisition of a data bank for the design of technologies for the extraction and processing of remaining reserves in the subsurface and man-made reserves on the Earth’s surface. Research results. The concept of environmental protection and resource-saving technology for the development of deposits of the type under consideration is formulated. The volume of potentially possible substandard ore reserves and mining and processing waste in the regions of the North Caucasus is estimated. The results of pioneering studies of the processes of extracting metals from ores, industrial effluents and man-made raw materials, including the processing of non-conditioned ores and their enrichment waste in a disintegrator using mechanochemical activation of the metal extraction process, are presented. The prospects of using innovative technologies in the region are assessed. It is shown that the prospects for resuscitation of mining production depend on the effectiveness of combining technologies and minimizing losses when using the available raw material base, determined by economic and mathematical modeling taking into account the environmental component.

CityMoscow, Vladikavkaz
UDC622.34:622. (502.3/.7) (504.4:622)
Issue2022, № 3 (Т. 14)
Key words deposit, underground mining, technology, resource conservation, development concept, leaching, disintegrator.
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Tags: технология, выщелачивание, месторождение, ресурсосбережение, дезинтегратор., подземная разработка, концепция разработки

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