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Published on 15 November 2022

Waste management system of an industrial enterprise as an element of the ecological standard of the coal mining region

Vladimir G. Mikhailov, Aleksei A. Khoreshok, Aleksei V. Koshelev

Introduction. The most important modern trend is the development of a «green» economy, especially in terms of efficient management of production and consumption waste. The infrastructural component of such a process is the development and adoption of a regional environmental standard that defines the model for the operation of enterprises that use natural resources and authorities in conditions of increased man-made load on the environment. This problem is extremely urgent for the Kemerovo region - Kuzbass because of the decisive role of coal mining and coal processing in the successful functioning of the region. Purpose of the work. To develop a waste management system for an industrial enterprise, as an element of the environmental standard of a coal-mining region. Research methods. The theoretical part of research includes the analysis of domestic and foreign scientific literature on the innovative organizational and technological solutions aimed at the efficiency of production and consumption waste management. The practical part of work was built on statistical processing of the official ecological data of the enterprise on production and consumption waste. Research results. A waste management system for an industrial enterprise is developed, which can be effectively integrated into the environmental standard of a coal-mining region to ensure its sustainable development. Conclusions. The developed waste management system, as an element of the environmental standard of a coalmining region, can be used by environmental authorities to determine the vector of development of a particular territory in the region in the field of waste management. The use of this algorithm by the enterprise will reduce the complexity of choosing the optimal environmentally friendly managerial solution aimed at reducing the anthropogenic load and increasing its economic performance.

Issue2022, № 3 (Т. 14)
Key words management system, production and consumption waste, industrial enterprises, environmental standard, coal-mining region, mining-eco-economic system, waste management.
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Tags: промышленные предприятия, система управления, угледобывающий регион, отходы производства и потребления, экологический стандарт, горно-эколого-экономическая система, обращение с отходами.

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