Journal is published with periodicity 4 items per year.

Magazine sections

In accordance with the conclusion of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation on 26.03.2019 articles for publication in the Journal "Sustainable Development of Mountain Territories" are accepted on the following Industry groups and Sciences:


05.05.06 - Mining machines (technical sciences),

25.00.13 - Mineral processing (technical sciences),

25.00.20 - Geomechanics, rock destruction, mine aerogasdynamics and mining thermal physics (technical sciences),

25.00.22 - Geotechnology (underground, open and construction) (technical sciences),

25.00.23 - Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry (geographical sciences),

25.00.24 - Economic, social, political and recreational geography (geographical sciences)

Realization of a complex of measures to include the Journal into the citation database Scopus on the following Sectors and Groups of Sciences is near completion:

1. Engineering

2. Earth and Planetary Sciences

3. Environmental Science

Main provisions of the journal's activity

Scientific journal "Sustainable Development of Mountain Territories" publishes the following articles:

  • articles presenting new scientific results on the subject "Sustainable development of mountain territories", which shall not exceed 10 typewritten pages, including illustrations and tables;
  • brief messages containing information about important results of the preliminary research in sustainable development of mountain territories, with a volume of 3-5 pages (these materials can be used in the full article text);
  • reviews of publications on actual problems of sustainable development of mountain territories, with a volume of 20-25 pages at the request of the editorial Board.

The publication also accepts paid advertising messages about new materials, devices and equipment appropriate for the journal.

All work should conform to the issues of sustainable development of mountain territories. The ideology of sustainable development of mountain territories is given on the Journal's website (introduction to the sustainable development of mountain territories).

Submitted works goes through preliminary stages and final review, they can be also sent to the authors for correction and revision, if it is necessary.

The articles and annotations are published in Russian and English languages.

The Journal publishes only original articles. The author bears full responsibility for compliance with this requirement.

Manuscripts, which are not accepted for publication are not returned to authors.

The editorial Board reserves the right to make reductions and editorial changes to the text of an article. Authors can make corrections in text and figures only at the stage of preparing the article for printing. Corrected materials are not sent to  authors.

Noncompliance with the rules of manuscript preparation leads to delay of publication or rejection of the manuscript.

Publication of articles is free for authors, royalties are not paid.

The editorial Board is not responsible for information in promotional materials.

Reprinting is allowed only with the permission of the Publisher and with reference to the Journal "Sustainable Development of Mountain Territories".


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