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Published on 16 November 2021


Vladimir I. Golik, Oleg Z. Gabaraev, Alana O. Gabaraeva, Nina T. Dedegkaeva

The relevance of the work is explained by the importance of the problem of restoring the industrial potential lost during the reforms at one of the large fields and minimizing its negative impact on the environment. Purpose of work. Substantiation of the possibility of reanimating the lost potential of mining enterprises through the use of combined technologies with the management of subsoil exploitation indicators based on the use of substandard raw materials after processing. Research methods: systematization, generalization and analysis of theoretical and experimental studies in this area, including those carried out at the considered fields. Recommended parameters of mining operations are determined by generalizing theory and practice, research results and analytical calculations based on assessing the behavior of discrete rocks in a massif with a gravitational-tectonic-structural stress field from the condition of consolidation of structural units. Results. A certificate was given on the reserves and development of tungsten and molybdenum deposits, taking into account the retrospective. The problem of restoration of mining production on the preserved infrastructure in comfortable natural conditions is formulated. The results of complex studies with the identification of the regularities of deformation of the rock mass are presented to assess the danger of destruction of the rock mass and the collapse of the earth's surface. Distinctive features of the field. The technologies for managing the state of the massifs with the details of their participation in geodynamic processes are characterized. Information on environmental pollution by metal-containing tailings waste is given and it is shown that this is a consequence of the imperfection of the applied technology of mining and processing of ores. An algorithm for the use of tailings for the preparation of hardening mixtures and a control system for the state of the massif are recommended. It was concluded that the restoration of the potential of enterprises is possible on the basis of a combined mining technology with factory processing of rich ores and leaching underground and in heaps of poor ores and enrichment wastes in disintegrators.

CityNovocherkassk, Vladikavkaz
UDC622.34:622. (502.3/.7) (504.4:622)
Issue2021, № 3 (Т. 13)
Key wordsfield, underground mining, combined technology, massif deformation, rock, environment, development concept, leaching.
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Tags: месторождение, окружающая среда, горная порода, подземная разработка, комбинированная технология, деформирование массива, земная поверхность, концепция разработки, выщелачивание.

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