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Published on 27 March 2021


Vladimir I. Golik, Yuri V. Dmitrak, Oleg Z. Gabaraev, Igor A. Zasseyev

Goal. Substantiation of the ecological and economic efficiency of innovative technologies for the development of deposits of the Sadonsky ore cluster during the period of restoration of the lost industrial potential of the depressed region.
Methods. Analysis of the theory and practice of mining, with priority given to the experience in the development of North Caucasian deposits. Laboratory experiment in the study of the properties of filling mixtures and options with different activation methods, including reagent leaching in a disintegrator. Mathematical and economic modeling of the efficiency of recycling tailings utilization at the cost of commercial products, taking into account the prevented environmental damage.

Results. The information on the dynamics of mining and processing of ores from the Sadonsky deposits is presented. The results of studies of the properties of base concrete mixtures based on ore dressing tailings and local available components are systematized and generalized. The results of changes in the properties of hardening mixtures are given depending on the presence of metals in the tailings of enrichment with various activation options by alternative methods, including an innovative method of mechanochemical leaching in a disintegrator with electrochemically activated water. The equivalent of 1 kg of cement using binders from processing tailings has been determined. The advantages of mechanochemical activation of tailings in a disintegrator in comparison with the option of irrigation by irrigation using various reagents have been experimentally determined. A quantitative indicator of an increase in the strength of the compositions of hardening mixtures under equal conditions has been established. The efficiency of utilization of tailings and metallurgy has been determined as a set of effects of reducing the amount of environmental damage from storage of tailings, the cost of metals obtained during processing, raw materials for the construction industry and associated marketable products. The nomenclature of tailings processing products has been detailed. A model for determining the profit from processing tailings and metallurgy is recommended. A forecast is given at the level of engineering expertise of the prospects for tailings processing. The hardware diagram of the tailings disposal section is detailed. A universal scheme for the disposal of mining and processing waste was recommended.
Conclusion. The prospects for the development of the deposits of the Sadonsky ore cluster depend on conversion to technologies with filling voids with solidifying mixtures and leaching of metals at the processing stages. The combined mining technology will reduce the output of tailings, strengthen the base of the construction industry, eliminate the need to build a second stage of tailings and improve the environment.

Issue2021, № 1 (Т. 13)
Key wordsSadon deposits, exploration, concrete mixes, tailings, metals, mechanochemical leaching, disintegrator.
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Tags: разработка месторождений, выщелачивание, металлы, активация, дезинтегратор., хвосты переработки

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