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The ability of combination of trichoderma harzianum and trichoderma asperellum isolates in controlling fusarium rot of chickpea in comparison with the effects of trichoderma harzianum

M. Akrami, H.M. Shikhlinski

In this investigation, the ability of biocontrol agents, Trichoderma harzianum and T. aperellum applied in combination and alone, which had been isolated from soil and root chickpea field were compared to control of Fusarium solani these isolates had shown good control of Fusarium solani in in-vitro condition and chickpea roots were treated with T.harzianum individually and in combination and planted in artificially infested soil with pathogen F. solani. Although all bio control agents applied individually reduced disease incidence, treatments as combination, except for T. harzianum (T-4) + T. asperellum (T- 6) showed more protective effect combination of T. harzianum (T-7) + T asperellum ( T- 5 ) isolate gave the best control (51.29%) at greenhouse condition.

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