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Mycelial compatibility among the isolates of sclerotinia sclerotiorum associated with stalk rot of sunflower in iran.

H. Irani, Shikhlinski H.M.

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, the causal agent of stalk rot, is a problem of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) production in Iran under irrigation fields in West and East of Azerbaijan and Ardabil provinces. One hundred and eighty six isolates of S. sclerotiorum were obtained from fields in West and East of Azerbaijan and Ardabil provinces during 2007-2008. After 186 isolates were paired, 26 MCGs were distinguished. 14 MCGs consisted of two or more isolates (MCG 18 had 23 isolates) and the remaining 12 MCGs were each made up of one isolate, compatible only with itself. In most pairings, mycelial incompatibility was not detected by the presence of a red reaction line, instead, there was, usually, an interaction zone of sparsely mycelium and also reaction line was visible as a abundant, tufts, white patches of aerial mycelium in the reaction zone on the colony surface. This study has demonstrated that West and East of Azerbaijan and Ardabil populations of S. sclerotiorum from sunflower fields are made up by various and different MCGs and also Sclerotinia isolates from three provinces were incompatibility between each other.

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